Frosted Glass And Sake Brew In Winter

Frosted Glass And Sake Brew In Winter

A perfect glass for the night in Autumn.

A series designed by Makoto Komatsu, an industrial designer.
The glass was designed like a paper being crumpled. As it is a product from about 30 years ago where the glass concept of those days is different from the present, it was being named as a wine glass for this kind of sizes.

The glass with a frosted finish on the entire surface with some transparency shows the cool feeling when the sake is poured.

In addition to the expression that cannot be enjoyed with an ordinary glass, Crumple, which means “wrinkle”, is incorporated as shape design and fits perfectly in the user’s hand. There should be a nice place somewhere, no matter who uses it, so be sure to find your own points.



Other than the unevenness, it fits perfectly into the hands.


Crumpled wine S Frost
60 × 83 · 120cc