Glasses For Enjoying Beer

Glasses For Enjoying Beer

With the increasing of drinking various craft beers, not only beer glasses but also wine glasses have come to be used as beer glasses. 
With the help of professionals for beer, Kimura Glass was able to design the glass “Salsa” to enjoy beers.

sansa series 
tumblr type:5size
bowl type:3size


Drinking from the tumbler feels good down the throat. The bowl is in the the shape of a glass that tastes tastefully in the mouth, and to enjoy a mellow type of beer.

We exhibited 8 different sizes from the size of Japanese beer glass to US and UK pint glass size. The pint glasses of the US and UK differ greatly in capacity with 473cc for the US and 568cc for the UK and they have a difference of nearly 100cc. We had feedback that both are too big for Japanese and so I decided to made it 284 cc which is half the UK size.

Akasaka Beer Bar Sansa, aiming to bring the best out of the taste of beer. 
Choose a glass carefully according to the beer’s individuality and the mood of the drinker, and combine it with a beer selection in which a full glass complements it. It is a wonderful shop based on the attitude of storekeeper 
Kazuhiko Hashimoto, who believes in the potential of beer and the size of the forty-one, and continues to explore every day.

sansa HP: