Kimura Glass Asia is a one-stop Barware & Glassware as well as Tableware online shop, with a partnership
with Kimura Glass from Tokyo since 1910.
We have been dedicated to creating super thin, lightweight, original masterpieces for wine, cocktail, whisky, and sake
to mainly professionals  in restaurants and bars in Japan, now we just open our arms to anyone, anywhere. 
With our skillful technique, we give you a more tasteful experience that makes you feel special.
As soon as you just hold it, you would feel how thin it is and get inspired to create something new freely with our item.
Not to mention over 1,000 types of glasses, we continuously develop a new work of art to keep us creative.  
All are for use in bars, restaurants, cafes, select shops and so on, making every visitor feel excited and even sparkled.



Our Feature


・Super Thin, Light & Elegant

・More than 100-year-old history (since 1910)

・More than 1,000 types

・A variety of items; for wine, cocktail, whiskey, sake, beer and more.




With creativity and inspiration at heart, we approach every part of our process with a sustainable mindset,

such as trying to use lead-free crystals as many as we can, also having a collaboration with a local atelier

so that we respect our skillful technique and maintain our industry sustainable.

We believe that what we try to do in all aspects of our business

would lead us to take care of our planet.

We will keep sharing our on-going challenge with you.

Friendly Notice

For handmade glasses, there is a process on the product or slight variations in shape, color, dimensions, etc.,
unavoidably, small bubbles and contamination, no quality problems.

Please be forewarned.


It is possible for us to give you a wholesale price offer, depending on the item and quantity.
The price on our website is the retail price, the same one as our selling rate card in Kimura Glass Japan.

The wholesale price list is not set up.

We would offer a wholesale price offer for restaurants, bars, hotels in Japan.
Please contact us your possible order by email as we would like to consider it on a case-by-case basis.

Some of items is the superfine hand-cutting glassware by skillful artisans.
We need three to six months for cutting process after the order, thus the price is unavailable to be decreased.

Almost all of our products are handmade glasses, and a few series are machine-made, all the details are mentioned in each product page.

We would be grateful if you could arrange your shipping company in case you have a forwarder in Japan.

Thank you for your understanding and kind collaboration in advance.
We are looking forward to hearing from you as soon as possible.
If you would like to know further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Thank you very much.



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 A final announcement, bar tools are available in our online shop.

You don’t have to go to Kappabashi in Tokyo to purchase these items anymore!


BIRDY. by Erik Lorincz     here

0.0001mm = to a precision of 0.1 microns

Birdy, the signature brand that produces the cocktail shaker gave the world a great impact.

The inside of the shaker was polished to an ideal smoothness to within 0.1 microns.

This technology of polishing that was applied and developed by the manufacturer of automobile in Toyota,

Aichi Prefecture reduces stress and damages on the contents and improves motion.

To produce the perfect smoothness, it is polished to an ideal smoothness

with the necessary unevenness left. 
A masterpiece that can only be found by skilled craftsmen.


Please kindly contact us for details and latest price or discussion

for wholesale along with the products you are interested in.
We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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