Glasses From The Professional’s Perspective

Glasses From The Professional’s Perspective


The mouth is thin, the stem is thin, and the slurry is long.
Based on the design of traditional wine glasses,this series was created by the requests from active sommeliers, chefs and managers. 
A total of 13 types.

It was designed especially focusing on the development of sizes that are easy to use in professional settings, and the visuals when pouring drink inside.

The shape is based on the shape of a basic wine glass, and it was aimed not to concentrate too much on the table and a design that will not get tired of. The size that can be used for both red and white is Pebo orthodox 62987-390 or a little larger will be Pebo orthodox 62987-525.

Six types of champagne glasses are also available. If the emphasis is placed on the rise and appearance of bubbles, then Pivo Orthox 63224-140. Popular is the wine glass type Pibo orthodox 62987-245. There is also a coup type available.

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The design is shaped by the skills and sense of skilled Slovak masters. 
This delicate glass is a design that can not be realized without them.



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