Maintenance Of The Glasses

Maintenance Of The Glasses

text : Yuki Shinkai

It is nice to drink tasty wine and water with shiny glass. 
In order to keep the transparency and cleanness of the glasses, 
it is necessary to have good and gentle maintenance of the glassware.

①Hold the glass carefully vertically.
②Use a mild soap with a soft sponge to wash it. 
③Hold the bowl and rinse and wash the inside from the outer mouth part and then wash the stem.

Rinse it till there is no more soap left.

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As the glass is soft and fragile, try not to use abrasive sponges or metal scrubs to wash.


The main thing to remember for washing and wiping the glass is to always hold it vertically.

If glasses are not held upright vertically, it will be washed and wiped sideways which will cause the glass to break easily. 
Therefore, hold the glass upright vertically when washing and wiping.



Basically, do not stack up the glasses.
If stacking is necessary, use a thin cloth or paper to insert in between.
Stackable glasses will be alright.

Avoid placing the glasses upside down in the shelves as the smell of the
shelves can be easily transferred to the glasses



Maintenance of the glassware

■Put the cloth in the laundry net before washing. If washed with other cloth, the fiber might go on to the glass.

■Do not use softener when washing the cloth that is used to wipe the glass, as there will be a layer of oil formed which will cause the water absorbency of the cloth to fall.

■If the taste and smell of the wine and beer are found to be strange, there are possibilities that the glasses are not washed properly or due to the storage methods. Surprisingly, glasses get the smells on quite easily.


“GLASS STUDY” is an irregular series written by Yuki Shinkai, a saleslady. It summarizes various facts about glass.