It is more than enough to find the brand “Kikatsu” only in bars or restaurants.

Kikatsu series from Kimura glass uses the antique glass of Europe, which Kimura Glass had collected as the design source to create glass with an atmosphere that never existed before while bringing out the sense of an in-house designer, Shizue Sanae.


There are about 130 different series of Kikatsu kiriko, from glasses with stems to tumblers, old and shot glasses. These glasses are handmade by craftsmen in Japan. The Kiriko series are made by kiriko specialized craftsmen in Tokyo. Kiriko of Kikatsu series is made by highly skilled craftsmen who are capable of making very delicate glasses. Currently, there are only a few craftsmen who are capable of there techniques.




The shape and the design of the glasses are the work of designer, Shizuyo Saegusa. Even if someone could make a very good design, it doesn’t mean that this person could create Kikatsu glass. Kiriko glasses are made from various tools for cutting, polishing and finishing.

If there is a single line or even a small round pattern with different thickness and size, different kind of tool will be needed.

Understanding the kind of tools that the craftsmen are using, what can they use with them and the communication with the craftsmen are all important factors that successfully makeup Kikatsu.


Only craftsmen who understand and have the technique of “Kiriko” will be able to design Kikatsu.


In 1996, when Kikatsu was established, there were still some factories for handmade glasses where there are few craftsmen who are capable of making kiriko cut glasses. However, factories of hand made glasses decreases and with the shortage of successors for kiriko glasses, there are not many craftsmen nowadays who are capable of making kiriko glasses.


Currently, domestic handmade glass is in a situation where production is becoming difficult even for Kikatsu. With the current situation of reduced number of factories and craftsmen, Kikatsu can only produce only a small amount at a time.


We, Kikatsu are very grateful to everyone at the glass factories, the Kiriko craftsman, and all the people involved, who are committed in supporting us.


Kikatsu started selling only to the restaurant and bars. We have been selling it for about 20 years since 1996, thinking that it would be better if you didn’t notice too much.


It will be great if Kikatsu can be seen in bars and restaurants with delicious food.