Drinking Sake In Western Style

Drinking Sake In Western Style

Unique sake bottle with stem


Just as Japanese people want to eat Japanese food when traveling abroad, foreigners also want to eat Western food when they come to Japan, and when they go to Grand Maison at such times, such high-quality sake bottle can be used.

Other than enjoying Japanese sake with wine glass, 
in order to allow Japanese to enjoy more
even more delicious wine
Is there anything we can do?


In the first place, sake is better to drink in a bowl than in a glass like a wine glass. The idea of ​​the managing director Kimura glass shop who designed this glass. I felt that Hiraiso, whose mouth opens wide and feels soft and fragrant when eating a drink, can naturally enjoy the taste of sake rather than a wine glass in the form of collecting aroma.

There are many beautiful pottery pots in Japanese sake bowls, but for the table manners in Europe, pottery is not to contact directly with the mouth and only glass can.

So, I’ve thought of making the sake bottle with glass. With a unique shape with the stem attached to it.


At the table setting in Europe, even the glass for the water has stems.

Based on that point, I added a line to Tok Toi, with a view towards overseas people who often touch the glass with a stem.


If it is on the table in Grand Maison, I think that it would be better for the eyes to have the same height as other glasses, like the Japanese-made rattan and sake close to the table.

Please try to taste Japanese sake with this glass that was created by searching for the points that you would like to enjoy Japanese sake deliciously and the point of getting in touch with table manners abroad.